Volume 2 Issue 13 - July 01, 2004

Botox therapy for cerebral palsy

DNIS News Network -- Celebrities have used Botox for years to smooth away the signs of ageing, but now the treatment is being put to a much more beneficial use.

Botox is actually derived from the botulism-causing toxin, which occurs in poorly preserved food. It can be deadly as it acts to paralyse muscles and can stop a person from breathing. The ability to relax muscles has been a boost to many actors and models who use regular Botox injections to minimise facial wrinkles

This treatment is now being used to control overactive nerves in the muscles of children with cerebral palsy, Injected into the muscles in minute amounts, it reduces stiffness and allows therapists to work on the muscles to stimulate normal growth.

The treatment is most effective on children under the age of six and is not a permanent cure. The effect of the injections wears off after three to six months and the process has to be repeated. However, the results are seen quickly and can help to improve the range of motion in treated children. It can also reduce the risk of permanent muscle contraction.

However, it has to be noted that this treatment is still in its early stages and as yet it has not been proved to be more effective than traditional forms of therapy. It is also not suitable for all children with cerebral palsy. Anyone considering such treatment for their child must consult with their doctor before any decision can be taken.

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