Volume 4 Issue 17 - September 01, 2006

Workshops held in Ranchi and Rajgir to sensitise P.A.C.S. partners

D.N.I.S. News Network - In a series of Peer Learning Workshops, Poorest Areas Civil Society (P.A.C.S.) organised a State Workshop in Jharkhand and a State Workshop in Bihar for its Civil Society Organisation partners.

Approximately 150 participants representing 94 partners attended the Jharkhand Workshop. The basic objective was to sensitise P.A.C.S. partners towards the issue of disability and encourage them to include disability on their agenda.

The one-day Workshop had three speakers. The session began with a brief on National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (N.C.P.E.D.P.), National Disability Network (N.D.N.) and the P.A.C.S. Project. Briefly, the P.A.C.S. partners were informed about the objectives of N.D.N.

The importance of having a close-knit Network was put forth to the P.A.C.S. partners. Since they work in different domains such as poverty alleviation or empowerment of women or child rights, etc., their support was sought in expanding the National Disability Network to all districts of the State. P.A.C.S. works towards poverty alleviation and disability is closely related to poverty. Disability being a cross cutting issue, it was emphasised that the partners should include it on their agenda.

Jharkhand’s N.D.N. State Partner, Sudha Lhila, Executive Director, Deepshikha – Institute for Child Development and Mental Health, spoke about the laws such as the Disability Act and the Right to Information Act. She further spoke about the upcoming World Disability Day (W.D.D.) celebrations in Jharkhand. P.A.C.S. partners were also sensitised about D.N.I.S. Following this, Alka Nizamie moderated an interactive session wherein a lot of participants raised specific issues about disabilities in their respective districts and expressed desire on how they could be a part of N.D.N.

This is what Nivedita Dutta, Senior Project Coordinator, N.C.P.E.D.P. has to say about the Workshop: “I feel that it is a good platform for sensitising the people working at the grassroot level in various domains to take up disability in their agenda and help millions of disabled people living below the poverty level.”

The workshop at Rajgir in Bihar was conducted by Dr. Meenu Bhambhani. Other panelists included State N.D.N. partners Dr. Mohan Chaudhary and Dr. Sunil Kumar.

C.S.O. partners were keen to learn more about the Disability Act and ways in which they could take it forward. Information was shared about not just the Disability Act and rights of disabled people, but strategies were also shared as to how a cross-cutting issue of disability can be addressed by P.A.C.S. partners working in the field of women’s empowerment, local self governance, and livelihood generation.

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