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Shah Rukh Khan & Rani Mukerjee as ambassadors of Disability Rights

The mega Bollywood entertainment event “Temptations 2005” held in support of N.C.P.E.D.P. became a major platform for dissemination of awareness and raising funds for a barrier-free India. It also presented Shah Rukh Khan (S.R.K.) and Rani Mukerjee as ambassadors of Disability Rights. Following are a few selected quotes from their media interactions in Mumbai and Delhi.

A picture of SRK at press conference

S.R.K. on disabled people:

“Disabled people do not need sympathy; they are very strong individuals. Stronger than you and me. Disabled people are a part of society and we cannot separate them while looking at society.”

S.R.K. on N.C.P.E.D.P.:

“This organisation is doing good work in lots of different areas. I have learnt about their activities through the literature that was given to me in these months and while planning for the show. I am privileged to be able to help N.C.P.E.D.P. in its selfless work.”

S.R.K. on Barrier-free India:

“We take so many small things for granted. I just want disabled people to get ramps on footpaths, in cinema halls, business houses and lifts. The funds collected from the event will be utilized to make public places more accessible for the disabled.”

Rani Mukerjee on disabled people:

“Disabled people are as normal as any of us. In fact, they are more hardworking and stronger as they have to make an extra effort to keep up in a world which seems most insensitive to them.”

Rani Mukerjee on art by disabled people:

“Creativity has no barriers. In fact, disability is no barrier for being creative. Art is not about perfection but about being expressive.”

A still of Rani Mukerjee from film Black

Rani Mukerjee on her understanding of disability since Black:

“Before Black, I was concerned about the needs of the disabled. But after spending time with them, I realised what they go through. My friends at Helen Keller Institute taught me a lot. They are more courageous than the average human beings. Post-Black I’ve become stronger and have started thanking God for being so kind to me.”