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Government simplifies process of obtaining disability certificate

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: The herculean task of obtaining a disability certificate has got a lot easier! Various steps have been taken by the government to simplify the process of obtaining a disability certificate.

Doctors at primary health centres will now have the authority to issue disability certificates, specific days will be set aside for issuing certificates, camps will be held for issuing certificates at the taluka or block level, a fixed time frame will be given to the district medical board to issue a disability certificate once an application is submitted, and one can opt for a private practitioner if the medical board does not have a government psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.

For children with disabilities, the new plan puts the onus on headmasters and principals of schools to coordinate with the medical board and subsequently arrange certificates for them.

A disability certificate is a very important document as it enables a disabled person to take advantage of various concessions, schemes and facilities available under government and other non-government bodies.