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Countdown to Techshare 2010 begins

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: Techshare 2010 to be held in New Delhi on February 15 and 16 will see the conference move on 3 tracks. Track 1 will be on ‘Strategies for Inclusive Growth’, Track 2 will be on ‘Empowerment for All’ and Track 3 will focus on ‘Unlocking the Potential of Technology’.

Track 1 will have talks and papers on issues like ‘Business Values of Accessibility’; ‘Introduction to D.A.I.S.Y. and D.A.I.S.Y. book libraries in India’; ‘Enabling Persons with Disabilities at Marketplace’; ‘National Policy on Electronic Accessibility and Case Study on Implementing Accessibility’; etc. by officials from I.B.M., Yahoo! and so on.

The papers under Track 2 include ‘Overview of A.E.G.I.S. Project: Open Accessibility Everywhere - Guidelines, Infrastructure, Standards’; ‘Guiding Seniors through the Digital Maze’; ‘The Power of Connectivity for Fun, Learning, and Life with Easy-Tech Assistive Technology’; ‘Multimedia Accessibility: Captioning, Audio Description and more’; ‘Technology that can Break the Barriers of Deafness’; etc.

Track 3 will have papers on ‘Guidelines for Indian Government Websites’; ‘Punarjjani- An I.C.T. based integrated assessment tool for Children with M.R.’; ‘Looking beyond Screen Readers’; ‘Advancements in Accessibility Technologies at I.B.M. Research’; ‘Accessibility in Enterprise Software: A Case Study’; etc.

The papers will be presented by renowned experts from Government, industry and the disability sector. Besides these, Techshare 2010 also promises many interactive sessions for technology enthusiasts.

To read the full Agenda and know more about Techshare, visit http://techshare.barrierbreak.com