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Drafting Committee on Electronic Access Policy finalises ‘revised draft’

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: The members of the Drafting Committee on National Policy for Electronic Accessibility met in New Delhi on January 15 and 25. After debating, discussing and making necessary additions and deletions to the draft policy, they have finally given their approval to the revised draft. It will now be sent to the Information Technology (I.T.) Ministry for their perusal.

The Ministry is likely to place the revised draft in the public domain for comments.

The Drafting Committee comprised of the following: Javed Abidi, Honorary Director, National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People; Neeta Verma, Senior Technical Director, National Informatics Centre; Shilpi Kapoor, Managing Director, BarrierBreak Technologies; Deepak Maheshwari, Director, Microsoft Corporation; Nirmita Narasimhan, Senior Programme Manager, Centre for Internet and Society; and Vinnie Mehta, Executive Director, Manufacturers Association for Information Technology.

Click here to read the revised draft (pdf - 224 KB)