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Government takes a re-look at deaf driving, consults health specialists

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: The government’s latest twist in the deaf driving case is its decision to ‘re-consider’ issuing driving licenses to deaf persons.

Government’s counsel Jyoti Singh said, “We are consulting health specialists and a study is being carried out to show how hearing impairment can affect driving.” Singh further said, “Technical specialists have disapproved the idea of issuing licenses to the deaf but we are still trying to consult health specialists.”

The government is expected to submit a report on this matter to the Delhi High Court by February 17.

It may be mentioned that the Motor Vehicles Act presently debars issuing of licenses to the deaf on the grounds that they could be a source of danger to the public! Barring 26 countries including India, deaf driving is permissible all over the world.