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D.P.I. launches Global Women & Youth Network

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: Disabled People’s International, the world’s only cross-disability global organisation of people with disabilities with membership in around 140 countries, has launched a Global Women’s Network and a Global Youth Network to focus on issues that women and youth with disabilities face and to groom leaders to contribute to the global disability movement.

Under the Global Women Network, there are two aspects: ‘Established Leaders’ and ‘Emerging Young Leader’. The Global Women Network is being headed by Rachel Kachaje, Vice-Chairperson of D.P.I. Abia Akram, a young leader from Pakistan, has been appointed as the Global Coordinator of the Emerging Young Women Leader Network. Ganesh Singh of Guyana has been appointed as the Coordinator of the Global Youth Network.

Launching the Networks, Javed Abidi, Chairperson of D.P.I. said, “Youth are our future. We have to encourage them; bring them forward, to the forefront. They must be associated in all aspects of D.P.I.'s work. And when we talk of youth with disabilities, we cannot leave our young women with disabilities behind. They must be at the forefront too, shoulder to shoulder. This is the Mission that Ganesh and Abia will take forward.”

Both these Networks will have a global reach across the 5 Regions that D.P.I. currently has offices in: Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America & Caribbean.