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Authorities in need of sensitisation

DNIS News Network -- Three days prior to the World Disability Day celebrations in the Capital, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has refused permission for the setting up of Solidarity Booths by National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP).

The Solidarity Booths were to be set up for common people to express their support and solidarity with the disability sector, by signing pledges and wearing yellow and blue ribbons. Though the NDMC had been approached almost a month ago for permission to set up these booths, its decision was finally communicated on November 28. Permission was denied as the department felt that the booths would lead to "congestion in the area and encroachment on public land".

Javed Abidi, Executive Director of NCPEDP, said that this action only displayed the insensitivity of the authorities towards the issue of disability. He further added that the authorities were charging a fee of Rs 500 fee for the Solidarity Booths while corporate bodies were granted permission to set up their booths for free.

The decision has hampered the hard work of several organisations which have been busy with preparations for the World Disability Day. According to the Disability Rights Group, the main aim of the event would be to highlight the problems of disabled people round the country, and to voice their need for inclusion into mainstream society.