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Rajiv Gandhi Foundation: Working towards a disabled friendly city

DNIS News Network -- After initiating strong social support in other states, the RGF now plans to make Delhi a more accessible and disabled-friendly city.

Chaired by Congress President Sonia Gandhi, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) has set up a multi-disciplinary steering committee to prepare a blueprint on how to make Delhi a disabled-friendly city.

The foundation aims at providing humanitarian aid, facilitating development with people's participation and generating ideas for improved governance.

The RGF has also achieved recognition in the field of psycho-social support in the states of Jammu and Kashmir to help militancy-scarred people. The RGF is also working with orphans of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh and Nagaland. It has also initiated a programme to help child victims of the 2002 Gujarat riots.