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New law in the offing to prevent schools from discriminating against ‘weak’ students

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: Ministry of Human Resource Development is planning to bring a new law which will prevent schools from discriminating against weak students. This will hopefully come as a welcome relief to many students, including those with disabilities, who are perceived to be poor performers and are often expelled, transferred or barred by schools from appearing for board examinations to ensure that the performance record of the school is not affected. The draft law however does not specify what punitive measures will be taken for violation, if any.

Central Advisory Board of Education (C.A.B.E.) had set up a sub-committee to draft this proposed law on unfair practices in school education in June 2011. The sub-committee has now finalised its report and presented it to Minister of State for Human Resource Development, D. Prandeswari.