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Only 20 disabled beneficiaries in Delhi in the last five years

DNIS News Network - Over the past five years, only 20 disabled people have benefited from Delhi government's financial assistance scheme to purchase equipment aid.

According to Section 42 of the Persons with Disability Act 1995, the government is under an obligation to notify schemes to provide aids and appliances to disabled people in order to increase their mobility and capacity. It has to provide at least 50 per cent of the actual price of the aid to physically disabled people.

Over the past five years, the Delhi government has only been able to disburse funds worth Rs 1.55 lakhs out of the budgetary allocation of Rs 4.80 lakhs, covering only 20 beneficiaries. But, the government records reveal that there were 12,341 people in the city holding disability identity cards during this period, which implies that many more are entitled to receive benefits from the scheme.

The government has also failed to comply with other provisions of the act. For example there is a scheme to provide petrol subsidy to disabled people, although it is barely implemented. The subsidy is designed to cater to the needs of economically weaker sections of society, providing up to 50 per cent of a person's actual expenditure, up to a maximum of 15 litres per month. So far 108 beneficiaries who are employed have been given this subsidy.

In yet another instance of inaction, the government is yet to frame insurance schemes for benefit of its employees with disability.