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NCPEDP awards deadline approaches

DNIS News Network - National Centre for the Promotion of Employment of Disabled People (NCPEDP) has been offering scholarships to students since 1998. And it is gearing up to award more scholarships this year than ever before.

The scheme was initiated when NCPEDP research showed that financial constraints were often one of the main factors when disabled people opted out of further education. It was therefore decided that the best course of action would be to provide economic support to those in need. The decision was made to provide successful applicants with Rs 1,000 a month for the full duration of their course

To date NCPEDP has provided support to 138 students. It has come a long way since that first year when just five scholarships were awarded out of the organisation's own funds. This year the Education Unit will award about 45 scholarships, topping last year's high point of 43 scholarships awarded to students with disabilities.

As the numbers of scholarships awarded rises each year, so too does the number of applications. But applicants can be sure they will be given a fair chance, as the application process is very systematic and transparent.

Sponsors of the scheme include Shell India and Samsung (which is also helping NCPEDP set up its Employment Unit), the Paul Foundation and HPS Foundation, as well as a number of interested individuals, one of whom is a successful former scholar himself.

The successful applicants will be announced at a ceremony in Delhi on August 20.