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Disability features in President's address

DNIS News Network - The newly elected Congress government laid out its main concerns and ambitions in the Presidents Address to the nation. It was heartening to see that disability merited a mention alongside the more usual topics such as the economy, taxation and public spending.

While the section on disability was but a small section of a long speech, it represents significant progress for India's disability movement that the subject was mentioned at all.

The historic section was worded as follows:

"The government will initiate special measures to ensure that the disabled get equal opportunities and are in a position to meaningfully contribute to the task of nation-building."

It is now the responsibility of all of us involved in the championing of disability rights in India to ensure that the government keeps its promise. DNIS and NCPEDP fully intend to remind the government of its words at every opportunity and encourage all their partners to do the same.