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Taj Mahal to be accessible to physically disabled people

DNIS News Network - The Archaeological Survey of India has decided to build a hydraulically operated lift at the Taj Mahal which will enable disabled persons to go up to the main platform.

Picture Taj Mahal.The beauty of the Taj will no longer be a distant vision for persons with physical disabilities. Soon, they will be able to view the exquisite inlay work of the world's most romantic monument, thanks to a decision by the The Archaeological Survey of India to instal a hydraulic lift.

According to a source, “The lift has been developed by a German company and will cost upwards of Rupees 10,00,000. It is a completely built-in unit in the shape of a table and would not require even a screw fixed on the building. If approved and finalised, it will be fixed in a place where the view of the Taj is not affected.”

This decision could be the turning point for ASI which was loathe to “move a brick” in the historical monuments under its guardianship.