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Campaign for reservation in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council

DNIS News Network - Disabled activists in Andhra Pradesh are campaigning for 3% reservation for disabled persons in the State Legislative Council.

Disabled people in Andhra Pradesh are campaigning to achieve 3% representation in the State Legislative Council, which awaits the clearance of its bill from the Parliament. Out of the 90 seats, which make up the Legislative Council, six will be nominated by the State Governor. Disabled activists are campaigning two or three seats out of the six to be given to eminent disabled people.

The Congress manifesto for Andhra Pradesh, in 2004, promised the setting up of a Legislative Council for the State. The bill for the formation of this Council has been presented in Parliament and is awaiting clearance. Disabled people have never before had any representation in the state of Andhra Pradesh and are hoping that their campaigning will not go in vain. According to Mr Srinivasalu, Network of Persons with disability Organisations (N.P.d.O.), Andhra Pradesh Partner of National Disability Network (N.D.N.), the campaign was launched on 9 April, 2005, and 40,000 postcards have already been distributed since then.