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Disability cultural festival scheduled to mark World Disability Day has no sponsor!

D.N.I.S. News Network- A weeklong cultural festival, "Possible", featuring people with disabilities as performers and artists, planned to mark World Disability Day on 3 December has no sponsor so far.

Picture of a scene from theatre by disabled people

“With only four days to go for the event we do not have any sponsor. We need all the support possible, but we cannot let down all those involved. We have been trying for sponsors for the past three months,” said Ajay Sharma, promoter of the event, on 28 November.

The media had lapped up the announcement of the event, with most Delhi-based newspapers carrying the news and details of the proposed event scheduled from 1 to 7 December.

On being asked about the long-term outcome of such endeavours for disabled people involved in the event, he said: “Apart from creating awareness about the potential of disabled people as artistes, the event is also an attempt at marketing these activities to the corporate sector. These productions are world class and have been acclaimed internationally.”

He asserted that the effort is geared to create employment opportunities, dignity and equality for disabled artists, actors and painters.

The fiesta is being organised by Disabilitytheatre.com, a production house dedicated to art for the disabled in association with Non Government Organisation, AAMAD, and a missionary organisation Brotherhood. The event involves dance theatre, painting exhibitions and international film screenings, which are about and performed by disabled people.