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Delhi Zoo being made disabled-friendly

D.N.I.S. News Network- With very few public venues in the National Capital being disabled-friendly, news of Delhi Zoo being made accessible has come as a pleasant surprise to disabled visitors who had to either avoid the place or brave humiliating hardships to see displays in the zoo.

According to Delhi Zoo Director D.N. Singh, administration at the zoo has started providing free wheelchairs at the entry to anyone who asks for one.

“The toilets inside the zoo are being upgraded, too, based on the design implemented at Pragati Maidan, so that there is a separate stall for them as well,” he was quoted as saying in the media.

"The complex is fully accessible to people on wheelchairs, as there are no stairs here. There are ramps even at the entry and the exit. The zoo now has three wheelchairs and more will be purchased depending on the demand," said the director. "A number of water points and food stalls will also be set up near enclosures where large groups of people converge," he added.