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Unique Project to provide employment to 100 hearing impaired people

D.N.I.S. News Network - Greenfield Foundation, a Public Trust, and Delhi Association for the Deaf have entered into a primary understanding for launching a project that would provide employment to over 100 people with hearing impairment in the National Capital.

Greenfield has designed kiosks where sprout salad will be sold at low prices. Canada-based Kashyap Bhatt, inventor of the solar-powered hydroponics bay, which can be used to grow beans, leafy sprouts and mushrooms, says the kiosks have been designed with clear signages.

The produce will be sold in kiosks across the capital in collaboration with the Delhi Association of the Deaf, for which only those with hearing disabilities will be employed.

Greenfield Foundation will manage these kiosks, provide supplies including sprouts, plates, plastic spoons, salad dressings etc, required and ensure that each operation is in compliance of Health Department and Municipality permits etc. Based on the sales of 50, 100 and 150 grams platesí sprouts salad and soft drinks etc, the person employed can earn an income of Rs. 100 per working day.