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Student develops ‘Braille Face’ for the visually impaired

D.N.I.S. News Network Seventeen-year-old Satvir Singh, a student from J.P.M. Senior Secondary School, has developed a new software called Braille Face, which has given a ray of hope to thousands of visually impaired students. The software translates the braille command into the Devnagri script. He is the first student to have written his C.B.S.E. Class X exam in Hindi using a computer.

Being dependent on writers for exams, Singh found that he was not always lucky to get a good one. And cross checking what the writer had written was impossible. This difficulty is what made this young boy develop his own software.

Right after his exam he found people who were willing to assist him improvise the software. He intends to release the updated version of the software, which he plans to call Jetsoft Striker. Later, the software will also be made available in other languages such as Marathi, Kannada and so on. He also has plans to develop software to serve the needs of disabled people irrespective of their disabilities.