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Power bills in Braille to be introduced in Capital

D.N.I.S. News Network – B.S.E.S., the power distribution company in the Capital, is all set to introduce electricity bills in Braille. This initiative will enable visually impaired people to read their electricity bills, thereby making them self-reliant. All they need to do is to inform the local office.

A B.S.E.S. official said, “We will soon have electricity bills in Braille for visually impaired consumers. Those who wish to receive their bills in the Braille format will have to inform the local B.S.E.S. office and their bills will be delivered.”

Welcoming the move, J.L. Kaul, All India Federation of the Blind stated, “If there is such an initiative we welcome it…If the bill is in Braille, then visually impaired people need not wait for someone to read it out. They can be self-reliant.”

The company also plans to launch the electricity bill in the language the customer chooses. “As of now the electricity bills are printed in English language only. But to reach out to a larger section of our consumers we have decided to have bills in Braille and in the language of the customer’s choice,” the B.S.E.S. official stated.