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India ratifies UN Convention

DNIS News Network - The Government of India has finally decided to write a 'Comprehensive and integrated International Convention to promote and protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities' while ratifying United Nations International Convention.

The UN International Convention aims to make a difference in the lives of disabled people by recognising the indivisibility of their civil and political rights, along with their economic, social and cultural rights.

The Government of India's proposal aims to eliminate the specific barriers which disabled people are often compelled to face. "The idea is to promote a broad commitment to accessibility, autonomy and equality of opportunities in different spheres that comprise ordinary life in all societies," reported an official note.

The draft proposal gives a clear explanation about recognising, guaranteeing and promoting the rights of disabled people. It elaborates on the need for the removal physical, attitudinal, psychological, and informational barriers in detail vis-a-vis education, employment, social security and monitoring mechanisms, to name a few.