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States yet to implement preferential land allotment for disabled people

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: It has been 13 year since the Disability Act came into force. But Section 43 which provides preferential land allotment at concessional rates to people with disabilities is yet to be implemented by most States.

Section 43 covers land for housing, business, recreational centres, special schools, research facilities or factories by entrepreneurs with disabilities. Following a P.I.L. filed by Salil Chaturvedi in the Supreme Court, notices were issued to various State governments on steps taken by them to implement this section. Needless to say, the response showed a dismal record.

Some of the States candidly admitted that they had not implemented Section 43 at all, while others said that they have partially implemented it. No State came forward with any specific scheme on the implementation of this section.

The Supreme Court has directed State governments to give land at concessional rates to disabled persons whenever they allot land for various purposes.

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