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Online training on disability and sexuality

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: What do human rights have to do with disability and sexuality? Why are disabled people discriminated against, in relation to sexuality? These are some questions that C.R.E.A., (a feminist human rights organization) will attempt to answer over a nine-week long online training on disability, sexuality and rights. The aim is to create awareness on the issues of disability and sexual rights of disabled people. Disabled people too have sexual rights and that cannot be ignored.

The course, which begins on February 1 next year, will have an international group of academicians and activists who are active in the field of disability rights and specialize in sexual and reproductive rights as resource persons.

Practitioners and activists in human rights, public health and development organizations and movements are encouraged to register for the online training so as to understand that disabled persons’ sexuality cannot be sidelined in favour of more pressing issues like employment and accessibility.

The course will be conducted entirely online and will involve presentations, reading, discussions, research activities and a final project. The training will not be conducted in real time but according to the convenience of the participants and within the given time frame.

For more information on C.R.E.A. and the training programme, log on to http://web.creaworld.org/home.asp