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Aamir Khan supports Inclusive Education: Disability News and Information Service

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Aamir Khan supports Inclusive Education

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan was recently interviewed by Times of India. In a response to a question on what is wrong with the Indian education system and how it can be revamped, this is what he said, “The Indian educational system deals only with two intelligences – reading and writing. It does not focus on the development of any other intelligences, such as that of communication and caring. Students are expected to be proficient in subjects such as mathematics and science and the ones who cannot understand them are looked down upon.

Why is it so? Why are people who are able to sing neglected? Isn’t singing a skill too? The education system should be specially designed to accommodate and benefit all, particularly children with disabilities. There is an immediate need for inclusive education.”

At another event, the Economic Times’ award function in Mumbai, Khan said schools in the country still do not include children with major disabilities, or even minor disabilities or learning difficulties.

“We must include them in our mainstream education. I think it has to start from there. A child needs to be with friends, children of his own age. They have a right to be there and who are we to decide that they don’t belong there?”

And then, keeping on with his campaign, Aamir Khan cornered H.R.D. Minister, Kapil Sibal on N.D.T.V.’s show ‘Your call this week’.

Responding to Khan’s question on the need for inclusive education for children with disabilities, Sibal said, “in the course of the next five years, the government plans to lay the foundation of an inclusive school system.”

Way to go, Aamir Khan. Keep it up!