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Draft guidelines for examination writing by blind and low vision persons to be submitted to M.S.J.E.

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: Advocating for the need to have clear and standard guidelines for examinations for blind and low vision persons, several organisations, have come out with draft guidelines on conduct of examinations for persons with visual impairment.

These guidelines, to be submitted to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (M.S.J.E.), recommends all examination authorities, educational bodies, schools, colleges, universities, competitive exam bodies etc that conducts an exam/test within the geographical limits of India should follow a uniform set of guidelines while conducting examinations for blind and visually impaired persons.

The aim of the guidelines is to provide appropriate reasonable accommodation and opportunity to blind and low vision candidates to effectively participate in the examination process. The onus would be on the authorities to ensure that the examination process is conducive and barrier-free for the candidate.

The guidelines, besides reiterating the definition of ‘blindness’, ‘low vision’ and ‘disability certificate’, lay out general principles with regard to conduct of examinations, use of scribes/readers/lab assistants, mode of taking examination, compensatory time, use of assistive devices, administrative requirements, etc.