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No posts for blind in the Civil Services?: Disability News and Information Service

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No posts for blind in the Civil Services?

DNIS News Network -- The Union Government has failed to identify any services suitable for the recruitment of blind and low vision persons in the civil services.

A Supreme Court judgement in March 1993 and provisions of Persons with Disability Act 1996 have not enabled the government to identify any jobs in the Indian Civil Service suitable for visually challenged candidates. As per the PWD Act, the government is required to review and revise the list of identified posts every three years. The failure to do so on the part of the government has denied several deserving visually impaired candidates from a post in the services.

Dr Anil Aneja of All India Confederation of the Blind has accused the government of adopting double standards. “While on one hand it has formed a PWD Act, on the other it is itself not following the guidelines even despite Supreme Court Order,” he said.

At present the posts are being identified in the group A services only, limiting the choice for the visually challenged. Dr Aneja’s organisation has identified some posts where visually challenged persons can be easily absorbed, like in the Indian Postal Services.

“With the increasing use of technology, it would be possible for a blind person to perform with ease such activities like planning, coordination and monitoring the vast network of offices and postal services across the country. Hence it would be prudent to reserve IPS for the purpose of appointment of blind and low vision persons”, he added. Beside IPS, the group has identified various posts in the Indian Information Service, Indian Administrative Service and Indian Trade Service amongst others.