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Self-employment opportunities in Faridabad

DNIS News Network - Disabled people in Faridabad are benefiting from a scheme to encourage self-employment.

Loans totalling Rs 12 lakh have been provided to 26 people with disabilities, announced Mr M S Ahluwalia, the Commissioner, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, on August 24.

The Commissioner said the financial help had been provided by the Haryana State Schedule Caste Financial Corporation. The department has also decided to bring together several industrial organisations to discuss the issue of providing employment for the physically challenged people in the private sector. Pointing to the provision of the 3 per cent reservation for disabled people in the public sector, Ahluwalia said it was time for private sector to share the responsibility.

He also revealed that the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has allotted 800 PCO booths to physically challenged people in the district and allows a 50 per cent rebate in the collection from booths managed by people with visual disabilities.

However, it was pointed out that employers were failing to provide jobs for people with hearing impairments, even though the government has reserved at least 1 per cent of jobs in the public sector for them.