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Tsunami victims take delivery of wheelchairs

DNIS News Network – Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM), a California-based non-profit organisation, has delivered its first lot of wheelchairs to disabled victims of the tsunami disaster in India.

Wheelchairs for disabled tsunami victims being offloaded from a truck.The Mission had made a commitment to deliver 2,750 wheelchairs to tsunami disabled victims in India and Sri Lanka. In accordance with that promise, FWM has already delivered four containers to India. Two containers were sent to Sathyam Literature Service Trust and Sathyam Mission School, located in Gujarat and two containers were entrusted to World Vision International to be distributed in Chennai.

“As a result of the tsunami disaster, the world has been generous in unprecedented ways. We at Free Wheelchair Mission will now do our part by providing disabled persons, many of which are newly disabled by the tsunami, with a chance to heal and rebuild,” said founder of FWM, Dr. Don Schoendorfer.

Anyone in need of a wheelchair should contact one of these organisations for information about availability and receiving a wheelchair.

Free Wheelchair Mission is currently working to send a container to Sri Lanka to be distributed by The Medical/Educational Poor Relief Community Project based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has not only been affected by the initial tsunami disaster, but is also facing a threat of landmine disasters. The tsunami has uprooted and reburied several landmines in unknown places, many of which have gone off injuring those trying to look for survivors or those trying to rebuild.

Although a Christian-based organisation, FWM says it is open to partnering with other religious organisations. Any organisation interested in receiving a container of wheelchairs should visit Free Wheelchair Mission’s website www.freewheelchairmission.org to fill out an on-line application.

Contact information of Sathyam Service Trust is:

Sathyam Service Trust
P.O Tiruvalla 689541
Kerala, India
Phone: 91-469-2619209
Mobile: 9447126182
Email: vadavana@sathyam.org