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Special police cell for hearing and speech impaired in Bhopal

DNIS News Network - A ‘Special Cell for Deaf and Dumb Persons’ has been set up by the police department in Bhopal.

The police department in Bhopal launched a special cell in February, catering to persons with hearing and speech impairments. This step was initiated when a woman with the said disabilities came to report a rape but was unable to do so effectively due to the communication void between her and the police officials.

The ‘Special Cell for Deaf and Dumb Persons’ was set up with help from the Bhopal Deaf and Dumb Association, Parents Association of Deaf & Dumb and Asha Niketan. These non-government organisations will hold sensitisation workshops for police officials and teach them sign language. Until the police master the language themselves, these trainers will work in the cell as translators. Initially, the cell will function only three days a week, but the experts can be called in case an emergency arises. The cell will be open all seven days after the police personnel master sign language.

Not only is this cell sensitive to the needs of disabled people, it is also efficient. The culprit of the rape case mentioned above has been arrested, and the department is all fired up to deal with anything that comes its way. Lady police officials have been appointed to the cell to deal with crimes against women. Only the second of its kind -- the first cell was started in Indore -- this cell has to set high standards in order to be a model to police stations around the country.

The police department is planning to launch another cell for persons with disabilities elsewhere in Bhopal. Unfortunately, the State government has not provided any kind of financial aid for this project and has failed to give it the necessary support and encouragement.