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Deaf Cricket Association demands affiliation with B.C.C.I.: Disability News and Information Service

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Deaf Cricket Association demands affiliation with B.C.C.I.

D.N.I.S. News Network In a step towards mainstreaming of sportspersons with disabilities, the All-India Cricket Association for the Deaf (A.I.C.A.D.) demanded affiliation with the Board of Cricket Control of India (B.C.C.I.). A delegation from A.I.C.A.D. met the B.C.C.I. President with this demand.

A five-member delegation of A.I.C.A.D. recently met the B.C.C.I. President Sharad Pawar for seeking affiliation from the Board. The delegation comprised Namdeo Kadam, Vice-Chairman, Surinder Magan, General Secretary, Ravinder Mohan Gupta, Joint-Secretary, Praveen Gupta, Vice-Chairman Delhi Cricket Association of the Deaf and S.R. Pandey, Executive Member A.I.C.A.D..

The delegation apprised the B.C.C.I. President about the latest developments in deaf cricket and the recently concluded 2nd World Deaf Cricket held in Lucknow, where the home-team lifted the World Cup.

Pawar assured the delegates that the Board will look into the affiliation request and all possible assistance would be given for the uplift of deaf cricket in the country, as reported by an A.I.C.A.D. release.

When requested to express his views on the issue, George Abraham, Chief Executive Officer, SCORE Foundation, had this say: B.C.C.I. has to look at all forms of cricket. It is one of the richest sports bodies in India. Cricket has a huge following among all sections of society in India, including the physically disabled. This contributes to an increase in T.R.P. ratings and thus higher revenue for B.C.C.I.. Thus inclusion of cricket associations for the deaf, blind and other disabled groups should be the mandate of B.C.C.I.. International Cricket Council has already recognised the World Blind Cricket Council under its aegis. It would be a win-win situation if B.C.C.I. recognises the cricket associations for the physically disabled. Mainstreaming will not only give a boast to the morale of the disabled cricketers but also do a face-lifting to the image of B.C.C.I., which will then be seen as a cricket controlling body with a human-face and as a sports body which thinks of people from all sections of the society.