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Master Plan Delhi-2021 in its finalisation phase

D.N.I.S. News Network- The Master Plan Delhi 2021 (M.P.D.-2021) is in its final stage with Delhi Development Authority (D.D.A.) Special Committee likely to approve it soon. But it will need the approval of the Urban Development Ministry and the Union Cabinet before the final plan can see the light of the day.

In a recent meeting of D.D.A. officials to finalise the draft there was some good news for the disability sector that has been campaigning for its demands related to access and barrier-free constructions and infrastructure. According to a news reports, the plan would make it mandatory to have a centre for every one lakh population for the specific use of physically and mentally disabled people. However, no further details are available on whether the Plan has anymore pro-disability provisions.

In a related development, speaking at a recent review of the Plan following a detailed presentation by D.D.A., Union Minister of State for Urban Development Ajay Maken has demanded that the Plan should reflect the sentiments of the people at large in more realistic and holistic manner.

He urged the D.D.A. to organise two workshops. One of these, he said, should be with public representatives and representatives of political parties while the other should have participation of the immediately aggrieved groups like the Mahapanchayat of rural areas and the fashion industry apart from various other citizen groups.