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New two rupee coin creates confusion in minds of visually impaired people

D.N.I.S. News Network – The new two rupee coin recently introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (R.B.I.) is causing confusion in the minds of visually impaired people as it is difficult to distinguish it from the one rupee coin.

As per estimates, the number of blind people in the country is 10 million. And all of them have no means of ensuring that the stainless steel coin given to them is of the right denomination. The earlier two rupee coin had curved edges which helped them identify and judge its contours. But the new two rupee coin is similar to the one rupee coin except for the fact that it is slightly bigger in size.

“Now coins of all denominations are round. Even though the new two rupee coin is slightly bigger in size, one cannot really make out the difference,” says C.D.Tamboli, Director of Education, National Association of the Blind.

A R.B.I. spokesperson said the Bank did not have much say in the design process and that a Finance Ministry Committee awarded the assignment to the National Institute of Design.

It seems the National Institute of Design is yet not universal in its thought process.