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West Bengal leads in employing disabled people under N.R.E.G.A.

D.N.I.S. News Network, India: West Bengal is the leading State in providing employment to people with disabilities under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (N.R.E.G.A.). Latest reports suggest that West Bengal provided employment to 29,714 disabled people for the current financial year, 2009 -10. It was followed by Chhattisgarh which employed 13,763 disabled people. Bihar was the worst performer with a figure of only 38.

Madhya Pradesh was in the third place with a figure of 9,787 and Tripura was fourth with 8,485. Although Rajasthan had the highest cumulative employment figure, it had employed only 2,271 people with disabilities.

It may be mentioned that in the year 2008 - 09 a total of 1,46,855 people with disabilities were employed under N.R.E.G.A. The government is expecting this figure to increase in the current financial year.